Quality Insurance

REGENCE PRODUCTION is now uprising and updating its quality insurance willing to fulfill the latest standards and demands of the luxury watchmaking industry .

  • Globlal commitment : from preliminary project discussion to delivery
  • Capability to cope with the most demanding requirement and regulation (aircraft industry, drug industry...)
  • Continuous improvment :
    • Operationnal process, manufacturing process, procedure, etc.
    • Production and management tools (manufacturing, measure, ERP, SPC...)
Technical quality
Esthetic quality


Our ongoing investment in our measure laboratory equipment and team allows us to:

  • Strengthen our production quality check
  • Enhance reliability of our development
  • Improve our response time

Traditionnal and optical measure, strength and torque measure (fatigue and repetability analysis), leak check and measure with Helium Mass spectrometer equipment, hardness measure...
Delivery time


REGENCE PRODUCTION SA willingness and attachement to maintain and develop its knowhow in the heart of the Geneva state for a Swissmade production goes beyond the label, moreover our quality vision drives us to a responsible and proactive behaviour in regard of environnement, health and safety (eco packaging, recycling of consummable, REACH compliant, RJC certification in progress).

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Quality insurance

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